Windows Azure in BizSpark

I wrote a post about the BizSpark program (here) and already make a full description on my Polish blog and now it’s time for my English followers. BizSpark is a support program for a small companies run by Microsoft. More details you can find at my first link and the program site itself. Now I would like to write a few words about great features which we get from Microsoft with MSDN. When you get your BizSpark membership you will get an access to MSDN Ultimate subscription! That’s right, and the commercial value of such a subscription is huge. Anyway, I would like to show you today that with MSDN you get access to Windows Azure – Microsoft cloud. You don’t need a credit card in this case, which is standard when you get a commercial account. And one more thing. As BizSpark members with Ultimate MSDN we get 150$ to use. Every month! Wow!

Let me clarify one thing. I am not big fan of cloud solution, but I can’t ignore fact that in some cases it’s the best choice… And after a few days I have to say that Windows Azure is AWESOME! In just a few seconds we can create web site or virtual machine. For the second case there’s pre built machines library with most often use systems, just a few clicks and you will have fully operational Linux or Windows system. So how to get an access?

First of all you have to login to your BizSpark account, and then go to your MSDN (Download Microsoft Software (via MSDN)). Now go to “My Account” and press “Activate Windows Azure”:


We will be redirected to the registration page, where all our personal information is already there, and we have to just verify our data with a mobile phone.


The registration process itself takes just a few seconds, and soon you can use your Windows Azure. How we can use it I will write soon.