Tomasz Szulczewski

Tomasz Szulczewski

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Hi, I am Tomasz,
I am a Microsoft 365 architect/cyber security expert. I am a problem solver who thinks that not all people must be experts in IT. There are moments when you don’t need a full-fledged project; you need answers. My Hourly Consulting service for Microsoft 365 is designed precisely for those times.


Why me?

Experience, independence, and flexibility.

If you are a small startup, SMB, or family business, but you have no idea how to use the full power of Microsoft 365, or you want to secure your company resources? Do not worry. I can help you to take care of it!

After more than ten years of working with Office 365 and all related technologies, I’ve been able to watch its progress from an objective standpoint. What works? What doesn’t? What are the limitations, and how do we work around them? Trust me; I’ve seen it all!


I was leading the team that migrated thousands of devices to Intune. I have worked with this technology since the beginning.

Defender suits

Defender for Endpoint? For Office? For the Cloud, etc? I know all of them. Let’s secure something together!

Entra ID

Also known as Azure Active Directory, it is the top solution to secure your user’s identity. You can’t be secure when your user credentials can be easily stolen.


I know how to simplify complicated IT and translate IT language into human language. In most cases, out-of-the-box capabilities are enough to achieve your goal.

My Active Certifications

Let’s Build Something

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I’m Tomasz

I’m an IT lover, unrealized journalist, and fan of Freelancer Way and Microsoft Security Ninja.
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