Tomasz Szulczewski

Do You Have a Specific Microsoft 365 Problem?

I am Here to Help!

There are moments when you don’t need a full-fledged project; you just need answers. My Hourly Consulting service for Microsoft 365 is designed precisely for those times. It’s a flexible, efficient, and quick solution to your pressing problems. Do you have a problem with your company’s security? You don’t know how to start managing company devices? 

Why Choose My  Hourly Consulting?


1. Flexibility: My services are molded around your needs. Pay only for the time you require without being tied down to extensive contracts.

2. Expertise: I am certified Microsoft 365 professional with years of experience in handling both common and unique challenges.

3. Swift Response: I understand the urgency of your concerns. That’s why I know how to provide rapid, yet effective solutions.

4. Cost-Effective: With my Hourly Consulting, you get direct, focused help without the overheads of larger projects.

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