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Pro EndPoint Management

Leverage my Microsoft 365 Endpoint Management expertise with Intune to gain superior control over your devices and applications.
Efficient device management, ensuring compliance and security.
Application deployment and management facilitate a secure and productive environment.
Policy configuration to meet your organization’s specific needs.
Harness the power of Intune to streamline your operations securely.

Cyber Security Matters

Microsoft Security Consulting

I am an independent consultant and provide the best consulting services for Microsoft 365 security and the „modern workplace” on the market.
I can provide complete, precise, out-of-the-box Microsoft solutions at prices that make more sense for small-to-midsize businesses in various industries.

I work closely with these organizations to increase their understanding of Microsoft 365 and maximize operational efficiency.
After 15 years of working with Microsoft 365 and all related technologies, I’ve been able to watch its progress from an objective standpoint.
What works? What doesn’t? What are the limitations, and how do we work around them?
Trust me; I’ve seen it all!

Microsoft Security Consulting

My expertise

I can build and secure your Modern Workplace from scratch!

Modern workplace implementation

Microsoft 365 endpoint management

Microsoft 365 security audits

Intune deployment

Defender for Endpoint deployment

Security configuration

Defender for Cloud deployment

advanced threat protection setup

sentinel setup and management


What I Can Do For You

Solutions like Defender for Endpoint or Sentinel provided by Microsoft are excellent for any Industry. Let me secure your company so you can focus on your business.

Secure Identity

Use the power of Azure AD to secure your identity.

Zero trust approach

The sad truth those days but we can’t trust anyone when we grant access to our resources, but we can build a validation process that mitigates this risk.

Mobile devices management

Leverage the power of Microsoft 365 and my expertise to secure endpoint environment.

Modern Workplace

Your employees can work from anywhere in efficient and secure way.

A word from me

Do not overthink your IT solution

Your IT environment can be simple and efficient – do not complicate simple things. With Microsoft 365 and modern workplace implementation, your company can work efficiently and securely. No more data leaks or stolen credentials.


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