I was shocked that a few days ago when I logged in to my MS Licensing site, there’re Windows 7 Enterprise in Polish! When MS released Vista I had to wait until official release date. But now… It seems that this system is very important to Microsoft.

Anyway, I’ve decided to learn it in the best way 😉 – I’ve installed it on my laptop, which I use at work. There were some problems with drivers for my Lenovo T400, and for some devices, there’re still missing. It seems that the modem doesn’t work, but it’s not a problem – I don’t use it. As far as I know, there’re only beta drivers for Lenovo, I can’t find any official release date for drivers. If you use AT&T software for VPN connection you have to download the latest version. But I’ve checked it and I can connect to my corporate network without a problem.

My impressions…  My laptop works faster and I can feel it. Windows 7 manage your pulpit and windows in a different way but I like it. And that’s all that I can say now.


This is system is not supported anymore. You can read more HERE.