I always been big fan of Microsoft products. Really. I own certificates, I like their products, but for last few months they do everything to kill my love J. I am SharePoint big fan and I’m good at it, but all my knowledge will be useless with new version . With SharePoint 2010 I learned Silverlight, but it seems that version 5.0 was the last one, and MS drop it, but there’s no clear statement about that! But all people know and talk about it, even MVP’s! Also I learn WPF, but when I read about Windows 8 it looks that this technology also will be dead soon. I plan to use Thread Management Gateway (TMG) in my company, as it’s very good product, with very good price and quality, but we just get new information that Microsoft will not sell anymore this product. What’s hell is going on with them!!!??? My problem with Microsoft increase, I can’t understand where they are going to… Except that they want to get more money. It’s not just their decision. It also has an impact to my life. If you want to learn something new, you have to spent a few months and in case changes you’ll lose this time. And much more people start to think that Microsoft is wasting their time! All is just marketing, without any plan or destination. People are tired with this. I am not big Apple fan, but if you learned something you 3 years ago, you can use it with latest version of iOS.

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