Recently I’ve read great post published at Andrew Connell blog. There’s also a lot of excellent comments from great people, about Silverlight feature. I’m not advanced Silverlight developer, rather I’m beginner, but I work a lot with SharePoint and I have to make decision to learn more it or not, as all we know that there’s so many new things too learn, and we don’t have a time to learn everything. If I understand well, Microsoft make decision that his future belongs to Windows 8, HTML 5 and Metro interface. So in this future there’s no place for Silverlight… Of course there’s no clear message from them, but we think that decision has been taken.

Anyway I think that we miss one very important think, and I don’t see it also at Andrew blog. I work for big corporation. And we have access and we can use latest Microsoft solutions and NOW we START migration to Windows7!!! Everybody knows that corporations are main Microsoft customer and one reason of Windows Vista failure was that most corporation make decision to stick with Windows XP. I know from my friends which work also for big companies that there’s no way in near future that they even consider upgrade to Windows 8. After few years Microsoft gave us system (Windows 7), which is worth to use it. Corporations spend huge money to make migration to new system, and they in fact didn’t finished it!

Silverlight it’s important part of SharePoint 2010 and I think that Microsoft will not have a choice and they will continue with this technology. It’s similar case to Windows XP. Microsoft was changing so many time his plan according to it, but too many important customers was ( and still is) using it, so they didn’t have a choice and they gave us Windows 7.

So I think that I also don’t have a choice. I have to learn more Silverlight Uśmiech.

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