As you know or not from time to time I work as freelancer. I do this as I want to be in touch with some  technologies which I do not use to often at work. Most of the projects I do with vWorker , previously called RentACoder . If you’re interested in cooperation you can reach me via my profile  Uśmiech.

Anyway lately I had bad experience with some kind of project on vWorker. I’ve decided to make a project for someone via TeamViewer. It was  pay for deliverables project. The problem is that in this kind of project on vWorker if you not upload anything on the site you did not your job! The project was very interesting, but after 15 hours spent with employer I have filling that guy wasn’t sure what should be done and some necessary elements were not ready, and employer presented new things to do… What’s going on? I wasn’t sure what to do, but Sunday was lost for sure. I don’t like to work without clear requirements, it usually leads to misunderstandings. So I just put some summaries about project and ask employer to put project into cancelation – I thought that it’s better to lose 15 hours instead 30 or more.

But when the project went into arbitration I get clear message from vWorker: you did not  your job and you have pay for it (cancelation fee)! You should use in this case Pay for time project. Ups. But why vWorker allows to post such project when worker is unprotected in this case? I get information that next time when employer suggest such things I should inform vWorker team. Yes, first we take care about money than we do the same with rules.

There’re two good things about this project. I’ve learned one thing: I will never make something like this again. I will ask employer to move project on oDesk. The second thing is that  employer decide to pay cancellation fee.