Most of you already heard sad new that, Google is going to shutdown 1’St July Google Reader. Across the World we seen wave of disappointment, how they could do this to us? Well, that’s the fact and question is what next? There’re different proposal and one of them is  Feedley. In fact it looks nice – see below:

Interface is clean, colourful, and in terms of comparison to Reader looks great. And the life could be beautiful until you try to do one thing. I posses huge amount of news and sources. And in this huge amount of messages I would like to find just one… Let’s say that I look for messages with word SharPoint. And we’re done… There’s no option to search thru posts! Currently there’s no search option and there’s no clear information if it will be or if it will be in PRO version. After years  of Google Reader usage I didn’t realize how search is important to me. Google Reader has old fashion look. It’s simple without appealing graphic. But now I see that It has all stuffs which I needed in fact! I was complying about it, but now I can see how difficult could be find replacement.