I’ve discover problem with Asus P5E3 motherboard. If you want to use additional SCSI card you can’t do this. I had such problem with my Promise FastTrack TX 4310. The problem occurs when you want to install new system, like my Windows Vista. If I turn on my controller card in BIOS, then I was unable to boot from internal CD/DVD drive. I spent a lot of time but I found just one or two information that meaby motherboard chipset (Marvell) make conflict with Promise controller. And that’s true. You can’t boot Vista’s installation DVD from internal drive, when you want to use additional SCSI card. I found only one solution. I bring external USB DVD drive and I set bios to boot from USB drive, and I was successful. I was able to boot from this drive. In this case Asus really make me disappointed. I saw information on official Asus forum with this problem without any response of their support.

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