As you can see there’s no posts for last few weeks. Well a lot of things is going on.

  • First, my SharePoint online intranet project is going live in next few days. So, there’s a lot of things to do
  • Second, I bought new domain Nietylko IT and I am moving there my entire polish content.
  • New Facebook page also has been created here. Please like it if you can 🙂
Odkryj IT
Odkryj IT

Nietylko IT it’s my new personal project. I have discovered that my current site has some limitations and I would like to create more stuff, related to general IT. Something more that SharePoint or Office 365. I hope that with this new domain I will be able to provide more ideas, services. Also, I would like to build new brand which also be able to provide me some passive income – I read a lot about this and it seems that I can do better than now.

What is also important from time to time I would like to write something not IT-related, that’s why I pick a name for my project. It’s not only Odkryj IT, but also, we should try to find more about ourselves. Remember it’s not only important to live, but it’s also important how-to life.

Well, we will see. Wish me luck 🙂