Today I am going to continue my previous post about my Getting Things Done Way and my personal productivity. This time I am going to write about Nozbe application. Some of GTD features become very useful for me and help me organize my life. It’s not perfect, but It’s absolutely fine by me.  The final piece was Nozbe. I share with you those links to the application as I am very happy user for last few weeks and I would suggest to you at last to try it. It’s very simple to use, but it has some powerful features which make it for me number one solution. It is the only task management system I feel comfortable recommending.

Getting Things Done – begging

When I read David’s Allen book I’ve been inspired to work. I understood that this system is something for me and It could help me organize my personal life and control chaos. With some other people inspiration, I have started different systems to make my own implementation of GTD. Unfortunately, I’ve failed and all my trials just make me angry and frustrated, as results were different than expectation.

  • Paper, notes, PostIT, drawers, etc – it’s difficult to take it with us to the office or to use it during travel. And also it’s very easy to lost it somewhere
  • OneNote – it’s awesome when we have to write our ideas or plans, but when we want to use it as a task planer it doesn’t work for me
  • Outlook – it looks like a obvious choice, but you can’t group tasks into projects, and usually you can’t have the same configurations at work and at home, or on different devices
  • Gmail Calendar/ tasks – it’s sucks for me as GTD tool….
  • Other application – I am a geek, so I have tried so many apps… Everything is lacking something for me.

In the result, I knew what I want, but I wasn’t able to achieve it …

And the winner is – Nozbe


Finally, I found on the network podcast recorded by Michał Szafrański with Michał Śliwiński, owner and application developer which was designed exactly to make the implementation of Getting Things Done system – Nozbe. And that was it, a revelation! The most important thing for me is that the application works on all my devices (Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, iPhone ), and all of them are automatically in sync. For example. I use my company iPhone, and this device is with me everywhere. Of course, with installed application. Right now, I put everything into the app. It could be any link, idea, recording, something to do, etc. It doesn’t matter at this moment. I just save it and then later when Clarify phase of GTD comes up I will make a decision on how to proceed. And when I am at home and I work with my PC I will use another instance of the application, so I can see if there’s something that requires my attention. I do the same at work. When I start work, I run Nozbe and keep it open – using it with a desktop PC has a better user experience.

Key features of  Nozbe

Very useful option for me is Google calendar integration. For the last few years my events were stored in different places. Since I’ve been using Nozbe everything is saved to Google. There’s nothing to write. I just create task date in the app and new entry will be created for me in the calendar. It absolutely works for me. Of course, the application has its own calendar, so every event stored in Google can be found in the app.

Also, we have possibility to make another application integration. At this moment we can connect from the application to Evernote, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive. And a few days ago, guys from Nozbe sent me information via Twitter that they are going to add OneNote to it. When they will do it for me application will be 100% complete :).

We will find three key points in the application from usability point of view. The main is Inbox. This is default space for all ideas and tasks.  Later we have possibility to assign it to the existing projects or create new one. Which brings us to second key option in the Nozbe application – Projects. There’s also nice feature here. We have possibility to invite someone to our project and then assign a task. Quantity of invitation depends on our license.

And the last option is Priority. This is allow us to mark some tasks as critical. This means that when we open an application, we can see in quite an easy way what’s important to us at this moment or require our attention. Also, we have the possibility to assign flags to task, which allow us to group task across different projects. And last and obvious option – search. We have the possibility to search our tasks and projects for a specific keyword.

And that’s all.

If you are interested in you can find more information at application site. If you don’t know what GTD (Getting This Done) is, you can also find training video by Michal Sliwinski, owner of Nozbe, what Getting Things Done is and how it can make it your life easier. As I wrote before I have tried many approaches but finally this one meets all my requirements. Before you will buy it you have possibility to make own test for one month. There is also a free version, but it has only limited number of projects which doesn’t work for me. Anyway, If you are interested in GTD you should try it.

And If you decide to buy it you can get 10% discount with rodrigezpl code 🙂