I am in middle of changes to my both blogs: this one and also my blog in Polish .  For very long time I’ve been writing, because I like it. But recently I’ve discovered a few things. My both blogs are very technical, you can find there a lot of stuffs with SharePoint, coding, windows, etc. And it seems that content written in English works. I see people who read my posts. But my blog in polish works in different way. Finally I’ve decided to check who and how reads my posts. And it seems that all very technical posts are read only by a few people, but other non technical post like my wife article has been read by many of them. It seems that I have to change approach a little. I have to change content of polish blog. I think that there’s a log of articles in English about SharePoint and coding it, but also the community of the product is much bigger than in Poland.  And in Poland there’s just a few of them, so more post must be more user friendly 🙂