It was difficult to find a few minutes to write a few word about Microsoft Technology Summit 2009, but now I would like to do it. So first of all Windows 7 together with Windows 2008 R2 is great team. I think that in corporate networks added value of  this both system is plus and could have a big impact to whole networks. I really impressed with Direct Access and Branch Cache. Especially this last one is great future.  I think that it will much easier to manage your network with this both system together. Of course to use it you need both of them, older system are not able to this, but probably that was purpose of MS 😉

Just one more comment. For the first time I saw in real life Kimberly L. Tripp and I was really impressed. She didn’t present any new things, but the whole 45 minutes of her presentation was for me amazing! This women shows you sql serwer tricks and tips as something interesting that after that you’re going to check all links and blogs which she presented. Check this Kimberly Blog

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