I get new task from my Boss. I have to build MOSS 2007 platform for my company in Poland. At the begging it will be used to manage workflows, but later it will also used in the other areas. I’ve started learning and it will not be so easy… I was shocked when I tried to created workflow project with my Visual Studio 2008 prof. I get error message that I need installed 32-bit MOSS to develop workflows. I use 64-bit Windows 7 on my laptop and it seems that virtual technology is my last chance. It’s crazy! Take a look here. Thanks God I’ve got VMware Workstation. But it’s seems that to be able to make anything I will need external drive for my Lenovo T400. I will use my FireWire port. I hope that speed of it will be fine, as now when I run Windows 2003 server with MOSS 2007 my laptop hard drive is getting crazy.

It strange for me that Microsoft release MOSS 2007 64-bit version, but there’s no direct possibility to make development for it. Even I saw on MS Connect comments on this, but it seems without effect. Now If you want to have MOSS 2007 64-bit, you have to make development on Windows & and MOSS 32 bit and then move it to production.

I read also that Sharepoint 2010 (beta) also has similar configuration. Why Microsoft strongly advice 64-bit environment with such complicated process?

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