My company blessed me with newest Dell Latitude E6540. Laptop was perfect to me as it has great stuffs inside, which is imported as I created many SharePoint solution, when hardware performance is crucial. What a surprise when I tried to install new Windows 8.1 . I’ve discovered that for the newest model of Dell laptop there’s no drivers. There’s no even for Windows 8. But there’re for Ubuntu system : ) image

Is that a joke ? I’ve tried install it base on drivers provided by Microsoft. But almost every time I’ve started the system it was crashing for the first time, but he second was successful. Also some devices weren’t recognized properly and some drivers used by Windows were very old. In the effect I have to turn back and install Windows 7.

I always was thinking that Dell and Microsoft are very close to each other, and so obvious thing like driver to new system shouldn’t be a problem, as this version of Windows is so important to Microsoft. And other hand we hear so many things about Dell problems. Well, that’s not help them to much…

By the way. I’ve check Lenovo site for the latest laptops and Windows 8.1 and drivers are in place….