When I was looking for complete step by step manual for usage of BCS and Secure Store I’ve discovered a lack of such thing. From my point of view BCS, which a great step forward according to MOSS 2007 BDC, is excellent solution together with Secure Store, which is replacement of SSO. Another advantage is that BCS exits in free version of SharePoint, which is huge step forward from Microsoft, as to use BDC we needed SharePoint Enterprise. Let me show you how to use BCS and Secure Store to grant possibility of database edition to users. So how to this?

First we need SQL server login and password. I’ve mapped this login only to one database and grant only read and write role


Now we have to configure our Secure Store Application to use this information. Let’s go SharePoint Secure Store and start creation of new application

imageAs you can as target Application I use “Group”, as I would like to map specific windows group to this application


I the next step I create two field: one for sql user and one for user password. Almost there…

imageIn last step we have decide who will be mapped to SQL credentials. As you can see I used All authenticated user as, but usual this should more restricted. Now I just need to enter real security information for my application. Select “Set credentials” from drop down application menu


You will get screen like below. Enter your SQL server user and password.

imageYou configured your secure application. Congratulation! How to use it with Business Connectivity Services? I will show you in next my blog post. See you soon.