I spent many hours to find how to deploy my custom workflow to Moss2007 64 bit. All manuals had always something missing. So If you’re lost, you can try this procedure, meaby it will for you 🙂 . I made my project with VSTO 2008.

1. I use WSPbuilder. I’ve installed it on my 64 bit Windows 2003. There’s no need to make any strange operation to install your project. You get ready to use solution file.

2. I compiled my VSTO project also for 64 bit processors.

3. Copy your VSTO project on the server. I move sln and suo files into project subfolder. Also I copied WSPBuilder all files into this folder. I also downloaded 64 bit version of the file CabLib.dll and overwrite existing version.

4. Then I run WSPBuilder.exe. I get WSP file ready to use on my MOSS 2007.

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