Well, it happened … For the first time in my career, I had the pleasure to lecture at Google Campus, and I will tell you that’s awesome. From time to time, I do similar things, but undoubtedly because of the location, there was a thrill :).

Google Campus is definitely an amazing place. It’s important to know that everyone can organize their event there. Just make it open and agree to be recorded. As for me, it’s really a great thing. And the equipment we have at our disposal will meet basically all expectations. Anyway, look below … So many screens…

Google Campus equipment
Google Campus equipment

All in all, you understand Google’s uncle pays for everything, so you did not hit the poor. What’s more, they managed to combine the old climatic walls and installations with gadgets for various purposes in a very nice way. Thanks to that we have a really great place to meet. It’s perfect for geeks!

Google Campus itself is in the vicinity of the Prague connoisseur. The area is undoubtedly very climatic and gaining the attractiveness of Warsaw on the map. So it’s really worth seeing because there is always something going on there. I would recommend it.

Google Campus and Personal Branding for Dummies

Well, what was it all about? This time the event was organized by the community around Upwork, represented by Ania Jędrzejewska in Poland. If anyone is interested in the topic, I invite you to the group on Facebook, “Freelancers in Poland” – there, you will find answers to most of the potential questions. In general, the idea of ​​being a freelancer or, as is now nicer, “Digital Nomad” is gaining popularity recently, which is not surprising. Everyone thinks that a Freelancer is someone sitting on a beautiful beach, drinking drinks with a palm and working for millions of coins for a client on the other side of the world. I must disappoint you, but it does not work like that.

Of course, you can and must take action so that customers want to pay very large amounts for our services. And that’s why everyone who wants to be a Freelancer should be interested in the concept of personal branding. That’s what I said, but for details, I invite you to the next entry.

PS. The photos were taken by Anna Piotrowska