Someone recently asked me how I do it, that my blog has such a neat appearance and how long I learned PHP. Well, that’s just the Genesis Framework ๐Ÿ™‚. I am quite a typical example of an IT guy who knows three colors only and knows that something is nice or not. And he has no idea how to make his site look like a page from Microsoft Word. At one time I tried many solutions, but there was always something wrong. Unfortunately, if we want to have something done properly, you have to pay. I have read a lot about this subject and I decided to work with Genesis Framework. More technical information can be found at . I will try to focus myself on, perhaps subjective, reasons for which I made such a choice.

Genesis Framework
Genesis Framework

What’s Genesis Framework?

It’s just a plugin for a WordPress, which packages various operation that you had to do in the code before, in operations that you can do yourself. We can use drag & drop, or use the functions that we have at our disposal. A simple example. We want the Google ad to appear before the comment and in every post. Normally you would have to look somewhere in the code, functions โ€ฆ I do not know. The framework simply gives us the Simple Hooks add-on. There, we enter our code and it’s ready! In every post, we get an advertisement. Simple. Isn’t it

This is the second thing to pay attention to. Well, the Genesis Framework itself has a number of add-ons that greatly extend its functionality. At the moment I checked that there are 371 extensions available for download. From my experience so far, I can practically do everything with it. I did not have to touch the code once, and I do not hide that I would rather avoid it.

Remember about themes!

I will say this. If only it was about these additions, maybe I could still be trying doing some workarounds. But the second option that convinced me are the themes (eng.: Themes). For me, this is something that determines the strength of this solution. It is known that WordPress itself is delivered with some motives and quite a lot of them can also be found on the Internet. But no one wants to have a site that looks like millions of others. It is known, others will use them too, but certainly not that much, because you have to pay :). Of course, you can ask someone for something and then we will have a unique look, but it is an unnecessary expense for me. Below the link are the themes that are compatible with the Genesis Framework StudioPress Theme of the Month

A lot of them ๐Ÿ™‚

What else is worth mentioning? Well, StudioPress takes care of product development all the time. The best example of this is the fact that when WordPress released the latest version with Gutenberg, it was almost immediately StudioPress released version Which supported it – not that I was a fan of this solution ๐Ÿ™‚. Again, like anyone interested in this details in the link below:

Genesis Framework – is it worth it?

I do not intend to write about it here. Everyone has to assess whether the solution meets his expectations. I can say that it works for me and that’s it. As far as I know, there are other solutions on the market, so you have to check whether they may not fit you better. However, I think that using such solutions makes sense, especially if we are not PHP or WordPress programmers. It is certainly a time-saving and the visual effect will be better than a standard solution

BigScoot for hosting!

And at the end, I would like to tell something about hosting. I never have done this before, but I want to do that now after a few accidents with my other blog. A few years ago I spent a lot of time looking for a platform that will be reliable and stable. With good support. People who know something about this subject have advised me against GoDaddy and similar to them. A lot of people recommended BigScoots to me. And I must tell you that I have never regretted my decision. I highly recommend! Really worth