Today I’ve faced strange problem and I spent a few hours to solve it. I’ve installed my new SharePoint 2010 sever for development – nothing special. But when I created first top level site and try to display it http://ServerName I get error: ”Cannot connect to the configuration database”. What’s up? I’ve tried different things: reset passwords, delete and create managed account and site, without result. Finally I’ve tried to check SQL Server 2008 R2 logs and strange I don’t have access as local administrator? How it’s possible? Well I’ve read somewhere (don’t remember where) that when install SQL Server with windows domain account this account will have granted all necessary right and then it’ will also fine for SharePoint installation. Bullshit!

SharePoint Installation account (System account) needs SQL Server role: “SYSADMIN”! Without that this account will create all stuffs but I will not be able to grant all necessary settings for new application poll and managed account! And exacly what happened in my case. My SQL Sever and SharePoint system account hasn’t role sysadmin…


And then you will get error: “Cannot connect to the configuration database”.  You need to grant this role and recreate website and web application from the begging and all works fine.
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