Tomasz Szulczewski, the Microsoft 365 Modern Workplace Ninja

Why Me?

Experience, independence, and flexibility.

Hi, I am Tomasz, and I am your guy!
I have been in love with information technology for over 25 years, and after this time, I understand that focusing on selected technology can provide expertise and deep technology knowledge.
I focus on Microsoft 365 cyber security and the „modern workplace”.
You don’t need hundreds of solutions to secure your company and manage company devices. You need just one, but appropriately configured and in an efficient way.

Microsoft Security Consulting

You can check my career path on LinkedIn. I am an independent consultant and provide the best consulting services for Microsoft 365 security and the „modern workplace” on the market.

I can provide complete, precise, out-of-the-box Microsoft solutions at prices that make more sense for small-to-midsize businesses in various industries.
I work closely with these organizations to increase their understanding of Microsoft 365 and maximize operational efficiency.

After 15 years of working with Microsoft 365 and all related technologies, I’ve been able to watch its progress from an objective standpoint.
What works? What doesn’t? What are the limitations, and how do we work around them?
Trust me; I’ve seen it all!

Endpoint Management Consulting

Leverage my expertise in Microsoft 365 Endpoint Management with Intune to gain superior control over your devices and applications.

Efficient device management ensuring compliance and security.

Application deployment and management facilitating a secure and productive environment.

Policy configuration to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Harness the power of Intune to streamline your operations securely.

Microsoft 365 Security Management.

You want to run your business without worrying about the security of your tenant. Don’t worry, I can take care of it. I can build out-of-the-box solutions based on the best practices for the Microsoft 365 platform.

Microsoft 365 Endpoint Managment.

Intune is an excellent platform for managing all company devices. It gives you the possibility to configure all devices in the same way and meet all company compliance requirements. Save your time with automatic device enrollment and configuration.

Microsoft 365 Security Audits

You run Microsoft 365 tenant and need clarification on your security posture. Schedule a call with me, and I can help you!




What I Offer

I work with Microsoft security and device management solutions only, as it allows me to be an expert in those technologies and use their full power.

Hourly consulting

Do you have a specific problem to discuss? No problem! Microsoft 365 Hourly consulting is an excellent option for someone who needs immediate help with his tenant or endpoint security problem. Or maybe you need an improvement?

Complete Security and EndPoint solution for your tenant

Knowing all the possibilities of Microsoft 365 solutions, I can build and supervise a solution for you that will provide your company with the highest level of cyber security and EndPoint management! Affordable, fixed fee, all-inclusive pricing

Monthly EndPoint and Security Management

In today’s digital landscape, managing and securing endpoints is crucial for maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of your business data. Our Monthly Endpoint and Security Management service with Microsoft 365 ensures a seamless, secure, and efficient operational environment for your organization.


My Approach to Microsoft 365 Modern Workplace

I have worked on Microsoft 365 since the beginning and constantly keep my knowledge up to date. It means also that I can build security and device management solutions using out-of-the-box capabilities. No more complicated and overpriced solutions!


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