Today I get strange error when I made new cube for SQL Server 2008 R2 analysis services. My cube simple  just three dimensions and a few measures. I’ve created as always role for my users and grant them “Read” right

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Part of the settings was “Enable read permission” on  “Cell Data”. For me it was obvious that it will allow user to read content of the cube.  When I use logged in I was able to get all possible data, but users reported me that they can dimension without a problem, but when they try to display measures there’s just #n/A . Strange…

By the way, there’s very useful function when you try to check affective permission level in you SSAS solution



Just go to the cube browser and there’s button which allow you to work as role member, just press the button and select valid role. And when I use it and selected role of my user I also get #n/A . It was strange to me.

To solve the problem it was necessary to uncheck “Enable read permission” on  “Cell Data”. After that users were able to access the measures data.